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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Barriers to the Semantic Web

Although I'm a big fan of semantic web technology, we incorporate it in our product, it isn't the silver bullet some people think it is. Zack Rosen has written an excellent blog on some reasons why semantic web adoption hasn't taken off.



  • Like Steve, I am also a big fan of semantic web. The use of RDF and OWL provides an excellent "communication" format for knowledge. My take is the "use of" not the descriptive ability of the knowledge is limited. XML is also a communication format so the data needs to be parsed and unparsed to hand off to applications. This adds 300 milliseconds per query in my system. Reasoners are slow when the knowledge grows, and are memory intensive for large RDF graphs. Tools like Protege, Racer, Fact++ "reason" on Owl and RDF, get the right answers, but the returns are slow.

    I have an IEEE paper in review on "Descriptron" a system that can interact with Semantic Web and Web services for these large RDF graph models using an adjacency rather than a triplet store. The preliminary performance is encouraging with the ability to get 20-200 fold speed ups for common queries, and a way to cache RDF traversals.

    A way to connect to a more powerful statistical capability such as "R" would speed up the analysis pipeline of which Ontology applications are a part. Sometimes the golden application is a hybrid. I am working on porting Descriptron to R and should be coming out on sourceforge.net under the project Descriptron in the coming months.


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