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Thursday, February 08, 2007

21st Century Medicine

On the eve of the FDA's public hearing on their draft guidance on in vitro diagnostic multivariate index assays (IVDMIAs) a group comprised of molecular diagnostic companies and investors known as The Coalition for 21st Century Medicine has asked the FDA to follow a more formal process in determining the future of this promising technology. What is being considered here is whether IVDMIAs may be subject to FDA regulation and if so, which ones and how much. Added regulation means added resources, resources that could be spent on further research and development and expansion of technologies that are still very much in a nascent stage. These are the early days of personalized medicine, a time in the life cycle of a technology where a significant investment is required to make headway. The added burden of regulation may present a set back to the industry just when businesses were beginning to show some returns.

Although regulation of IVDMIAs is inevitable, requiring the FDA to go through a more formal process before initiating regulation will buy some time, time to bring more products into the market, gain more credibility with the insurance companies and bring a greater return to investors before the added costs of regulation come into play.

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