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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

ARCA Discovery and LabCorp

Early stage PGx company ARCA Discovery and mega-lab LabCorp have announced a deal to develop and commercialize a genetic test to aid in prescribing bucindolol, a drug now under development at ARCA. As a pharmacogenomic drug, bucindolol will be prescribed only to a select patient sub-group who have shown a benefit from using the drug. Although bucindolol has yet to receive FDA approval, such an approval will be contingent upon both the efficacy of the drug in the selected patient sub-group and the ability of the diagnostic test to select those patients. Bucindolol has already undergone extensive phase III trails where was shown to be ineffective over an unfiltered patient population. However, in a subsequent substudy it was shown that patients with certain genetic variations showed significant improvement on the drug.

It's interesting to see the progression of this idea from the universities where it was first discovered, to a start-up company where its commercial potential was analyzed and promoted and now to a large diagnostic company where its commercial potential will (hopefully) be realized. It is a classic example of technology transfer and how it can be done.

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