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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

In Silico at Boulder Ventures

How many venture capital firms can you walk into and find a copy of Bio-IT World on the foyer table? Boulder Ventures is certainly unique, not only in the range of companies in their portfolio, but their leadership in cutting edge, high risk technologies. First with Genomica back in 1996 and then with Entelos, BV has supported the nascent and spotty bio-it industry from its start. And seems to have done quite well in the process.

I caught up with Kyle Lefkoff, BV's co-founder and GP, and one of the few VCs without a blog, on a stealth visit to his Boulder office while everyone thought he was on vacation in Telluride. "If no one thinks you're in the office you actually have a chance to clear off your desk." It was back to Telluride the next morning for an arduous schedule of daily rock climbs.

Here's a shot of Kyle on a classic in Eldorado Canyon.

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