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Monday, July 23, 2007

Semantic Web in Health IT

Brian Robinson has written an article on Semantic Web/Web 3.0 (although they are hardly synonyms) in GovernmentHealthIT. Dr. Parsa Mirhaji, director of the Center for Biosecurity and Public Health Informatics Research at the University of Texas, is quoted as saying: "people now have to log on to five or six different systems to get complete information about patients." The assumption is that when everything complies with Semantic Web that will be unnecessary, that this information will be linked semantically between systems. No more endless searches to find the information that you are looking for.

Mirhaji doesn't stop at simply integrating the information though. Computational models based on SW will allow computers to make inferences much like humans. One immediate use of SW is the ability to normalize the medical nomenclature; equating terms that mean the same thing.

Oracle is on the bandwagon and promoting the wonders of SW. Bob Shimp, VP of Oracle's Global Technology Business Unit, is hopeful that SW technologies will be in use in health IT in the next couple years.

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