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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

AI – Semantic Web Link

Back in the day when computers read punch cards and spun tape drives, popular thought was that they would soon develop human-like intelligence, i.e. artificial intelligence (actually artificial general intelligence). Over the past 50 or so years, AI has had enough spins on the hype cycle to effectively deflate any expectations. But a recent article in Dr. Dobb's Journal claims that AI: It’s OK Again! Time to get back on that hype cycle?

Although the AGI folks claim the AI folks have sold out, AI has been making some progress as an engineering practice in areas such as natural language processing, speech recognition, vision and search. Although Tim Berners-Lee says the Semantic Web is not AI, the author of the article thinks that SW is a fertile knowledge base for AI.

Semantic Web does in fact resemble the "connectionist" theme of AI; the theory that to understand brain behavior you must develop a model of the brain's physical structure; neurons and synapses. The connectivity of SW would therefore mimic this physical structure.

The AGI folks believe that computers will exceed the intelligence of humans any where from nine to 40 years from now. I wonder if I could teach one to blog?

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