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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

AlchemyAPI Searches for Gold

Denver entrepreneur Elliot Turner gave an overview of a new product his company Orchestr8 has developed at the recent Boulder Semantic Web Meetup. AlchemyAPI uses a proprietary natural language processer for name and keyword extraction, and text categorization. In addition to this, AlchemyAPI can identify the language of even short character strings. They currently scan for more than 97 languages.

AlchemyAPI is offered as a service using a REST interface or one of their SDKs. The AlchemyAPI Free package provides up to 30,000 API calls per day for free, fees are applied with greater call volumes.

A demo page on the AlchemyAPI site provides a handy way to check out its functionality. I tried it out on a few pages loaded with technical jargon and was impressed by the results. Although it missed many keywords, it was able to extract the majority and classify them with reasonable accuracy. Certainly a time saver if you are processing a lot of content. AlchemyAPI runs Google searches on the extracted keywords in order to more accurately identify them and serves up the link with the processed page.

Orchestr8 intends to extend the functionality of AlchemyAPI by extracting key phrases as RDF triples. Certainly a quantum leap forward in technology but a worthwhile one if they can achieve it.

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